Christ Is Our Cornerstone (2012)

by Gregory Wilbur

O praise the Father, Praise the Son, The Lamb for sinners given. And Holy Spirit, through whom alone Our hearts are raised to Heaven.
Glory be to God the Father, Glory be to God the Son, Glory be to God the Spirit, Great Jehovah, Three in One! Glory, glory, glory, glory, While eternal ages run! Glory be to Him who loved us, Washed us from each spot and stain! Glory be to Him who bought us, Made us kings with Him to reign! Glory, glory, glory, glory, To the Lamb that once was slain! Glory to the king of angels, Glory to the Church’s king, Glory to the king of nations! Heaven and earth, your praises bring; Glory, glory, glory, glory, To the King of glory bring! “Glory, blessing, praise eternal!” Thus the choir of angels sings; “Honor, riches, power, dominion!” Thus its praise creation brings; Glory, glory, glory, glory, Glory to the King of kings!
O God, Thou art my God alone; Early to Thee my soul shall cry; A pilgrim in a land unknown, A thirsty land whose springs are dry. O that it were as it hath been! When, praying in the holy place, Thy power and glory I have seen, And marked the footsteps of Thy grace. Yet, through this rough and thorny maze, I follow hard on Thee, my God; Thy hand, unseen, upholds my ways; I safely tread where Thou hast trod. Thee, in the watches of the night, When I remember on my bed; Thy presence makes the darkness light, Thy guardian wings are round my head. Better than life itself Thy love, Dearer than all beside to me; For whom have I in Heav’n above, Or what on earth, compared to Thee? Praise with my heart, my mind, my voice, For all Thy mercy I will give; My soul shall still in God rejoice; My tongue shall bless Thee while I live.
All earth to Him her homage brings, The Lord of lords, the King of kings. The ends of all the earth shall hear And turn unto the Lord in fear; All kindreds of the earth shall own And worship Him as God alone. For His the kingdom, His of right, He rules the nations by his might; All earth to Him her homage brings The Lord of lords, the King of kings. Both rich and poor both bond and free, Shall worship Him with bended knee, And children’s children shall proclaim The glorious honor of His Name. The Lord’s unfailing righteousness All generations shall confess, From age to age shall all be taught What wondrous works the Lord has wrought.
O thank the Lord; on His name call. His deeds tell peoples all. O sing to Him, sing psalms to Him, His wonders all recall. Let hearts that seek the Lord rejoice, His holy name adore. O seek Jehovah and His strength, His face seek evermore. Remember all His wondrous deeds, The works that He has done, The righteous judgments of His mouth His miracles each one. O you, the seed of Abraham, God’s servant: you, his sons, And all who sons of Jacob are, His own, His chosen ones. He only is the Lord our God; His judgments fill the land. He keeps in mind His covenant That it may always stand. A thousand ages to endure Commanded He His word, With Abrah’m made a covenant, The promise Isaac heard. A law to Jacob He confirmed, A bond for Israel: “I will to you give Canaan’s land, Where you as heir may dwell.” Let hearts that seek the Lord rejoice, His holy name adore. O seek Jehovah and His strength, His face seek evermore.
Lord, have mercy. Christ, have mercy. Lord, have mercy.
Come, sinners, view the Lamb of God, Wounded and dying, bathed in blood! Behold His side, and venture near, The well of endless life is here. Here I forget my cares and pains I drink yet still my thirst remains; The only fountainhead above Can satisfy the thirst of love. His thorns and nails pierce through my heart, In ev’ry groan I bear a part; I view His wounds with streaming eyes: But see! He bows His head and dies! Oh that I thus could always feel! Lord, more and more Your love reveal! Then my glad tongue shall loud proclaim The grace and glory of Your name.
When I stand before the throne dressed in beauty not my own, When I see Thee as Thou art, Love Thee with unsinning heart, Then O Lord shall I fully know—Not till then how much I owe. Chosen not for good in me, Wakened up from wrath to flee, Hidden in the Savior’s side, By the Spirit sanctified, Teach me, Lord, on earth to show, By my love, how much I owe. Oft I walk beneath the cloud, Dark as midnight’s gloomy shroud; But, when fear is at the height, Jesus comes, and all is light; Blessed Lord Thou hast bid me show doubting saints how much I owe.
Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world, have mercy on us. Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world, grant us Your peace.
Holy Father, hear my cry; Holy Savior, bend Thine ear; Holy Spirit, come Thou nigh; Father, Savior, Spirit, hear. Father, save me from my sin; Savior, I Thy mercy crave; Gracious Spirit, make me clean: Father, Savior, Spirit, save. Father, let me taste Thy love; Savior, fill my soul with peace; Spirit, come my heart to move: Father, Son, and Spirit, bless. Father, Son, and Spirit—Thou One Jehovah, shed abroad All Thy grace within me now; Be my Father and my God.
Hear my words, O gracious Lord, To my thoughts attentive be; Hear my cry, my King, my God, I will make my prayer to Thee. With the morning light, O Lord, Thou shalt hear my voice arise, And expectant I will bring Prayer as morning sacrifice. Thou art holy, O my God, Thou delightest not in sin; Evil shall not dwell with Thee, Nor the proud Thy favor win. In the fullness of Thy grace To Thy house I will repair; Bowing toward Thy holy place, Lost in love I worship there.
Holy, Holy, Holy Lord. Holy, Holy God of power and might. Heaven and earth are full of Your glory. Hosanna in the highest! Blessed is He who come in the Name of the Lord. Hosanna in the highest! Amen.
Christ is our cornerstone, On Him alone we build; With His true saints alone The courts of Heav’n are filled; On His great love our hopes we place Of present grace and joys above. O then with hymns of praise These hallowed courts shall ring; Our voices we will raise The Three in One to sing; And thus pro-claim in joyful song Both loud and long, that glorious name. Here may we gain from Heav’n, The grace which we implore; And may that grace, once giv’n, Be with us evermore; Until that day when all the blest To endless rest are called away.
Approach, my soul, the mercy seat, Where Jesus answers prayer; There humbly fall before His feet, For none can perish there. Thy promise is my only plea, With this I venture nigh; Thou callest burdened souls to Thee, And such, O Lord, am I. And such, O Lord, am I. Bowed down beneath a load of sin, By Satan sorely pressed, By war without and fears within, I come to Thee for rest. Be Thou my Shield and hiding Place, That, sheltered by Thy side, I may my fierce accuser face, And tell him Thou hast died! And tell him Thou hast died! O wondrous love! to bleed and die, To bear the cross and shame, That guilty sinners, such as I, Might plead Thy gracious name. “Poor tempest tossed soul, be still; My promised grace receive;” ‘Tis Jesus speaks: I must, I will, I can, I do believe. I can, I do believe.
Be thou, O God exalted high; And as Your glory fills the sky, So let it be on earth displayed, Till You are here, as there, obeyed. O God, my heart is fixed; ‘tis bent Its thankful tribute to present; And, with my heart, my voice I'll raise To You, my God, in songs of praise. Awake, my glory; harp and lute, No longer let your strings be mute; And I, my tuneful part to take, Will with the early dawn awake. Your praises, Lord, I will resound To all the listening nations round; Your mercy highest heaven transcends; Your truth beyond the clouds extends.
May the grace of Christ our Savior and the Father’s boundless love, With the Holy Spirit’s favor rest upon us from above. Thus may we abide in union with each other and the Lord, And possess in sweet communion joys which earth cannot afford.


As God calls us week by week before the Throne of Grace, one of my chief pleasures and blessings is serving the congregation at Cornerstone Presbyterian by planning and encouraging corporate worship. The writing of these songs filled specific musical and theological needs in our services. I present them here not as an absolute, but as an expression of God’s goodness and grace to our particular worshipping community. If they fill a need elsewhere, I am doubly humbled and blessed.

This was a community project with singers, instrumentalists, choir, and congregation from Cornerstone Pres in Franklin, TN and our mother church, Parish Pres.


released October 29, 2012

Piano: Gregory Wilbur
Guitar: Nathan Clark George
Solo Viola: Henry Haffner
Bass: Danny O’Lannerghty

Chamber Ensemble
Violin: Sue Steffens, Michael Snyder, Emma Pent, Frank Auer, Josh McGuire, Jonathan Dillard, Sarah McGuire, Sarah Leaver
Viola: Henry Haffner, Lincoln Pent
Cello: Jackson Pent, Rachel Leaver
Bass: Jeremy Steffens
Flute: Bill Randall
Soprano Sax/Ocarina: David Steffens
Trumpet/Flugel Horn: Greg Bumpus
Percussion: Benjamin George

Mixed and Mastered by Tom Laune at Bridgeway Studio, Nashville, TN
Recording Engineer: Nathan Clark George
Producers: Nathan Clark George and Gregory Wilbur
Orchestrations by Gregory Wilbur

Artwork by Abe Goolsby, Officina Abrahae
Cover Photo of Cornerstone Presbyterian Church by Gregory Wilbur
Artist Photo by Ian Kern
Recording Photos by James Esmond

Initial Tracking Recorded at Cornerstone Presbyterian Church, June 11-13, 2012.
Choir, Strings and Congregation Recorded at Cornerstone Presbyterian Church, July 23-25, 2012.
Vocals Recorded at Parish Presbyterian Church

PDF downloads of the music are available at:


all rights reserved



Gregory Wilbur Franklin, Tennessee

Gregory Wilbur is the Chief Musician at Cornerstone Presbyterian Church and the Dean of New College Franklin. His first CD of Psalms and Hymns was called My Cry Ascends: New Parish Psalms. As a composer, he has written for choir, orchestra, film and congregational music as well as numerous commissions. He and his wife, Sophia, and daughter, Eleanor, live in Franklin, TN. ... more

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