Praise Your Maker (2020)

by Gregory Wilbur

O God How Good Thou Art—Psalm 73 Text: Anonymous based on Psalm 73; Music: Gregory Wilbur, 2012. O God, how good Thou art To all the pure of heart, Though life seems vain; Burdened with anxious care, I groped in dark despair, Till in Thy house of prayer All was made plain. Ever, O Lord, with Thee, All shall be well with me, Held by Thy hand; And Thou wilt guide my feet By Thy own counsel sweet, Till I, for glory meet, In glory stand. In earth or heaven above Who is there that I love Compared with Thee? My heart may faint with fears, But God my strength appears, And will to endless years My portion be. O it is good that I May still to God draw nigh, As oft before; The Lord Jehovah blest, My refuge and my rest, Shall be in praise confessed For evermore.
Thank and Praise Jehovah’s Name Text: James Montgomery, 1822; Music: Gregory Wilbur, 2016. Thank and praise Jehovah’s name; For His mercies, firm and sure, From eternity the same To eternity endure. Praise Him, ye who know His love; Praise Him from the depths beneath; Praise Him in the heights above; Praise your maker all that breathe. Let the ransomed thus rejoice, Gathered out of every land, As the people of His choice, Plucked from the destroyer’s hand. For His truth and mercy stand, Past, and present, and to be, Like the years of His right hand—Like His own eternity.
Hear My Prayer—Psalm 86 Text: Gregory Wilbur based on Psalm 86; Music: Gregory Wilbur, 2013. Hear my prayer, O Lord, and answer me. I am poor and needy. Save my life for you are the only God. For to you I cry. You, O Lord, are full of mercy. Gracious are you, O God. Slow to anger abounding in faithfulness. Turn to me, deliver me. Save me in Your love. You, O Lord, are good and forgiving. Give ear to my prayer. Teach your way so that I may walk in your truth; fix my heart to fear You.
As Pants the Deer—Psalm 42 Text: Anonymous based on Psalm 42; Music: Gregory Wilbur, 2014. As pants the deer for streams of living water, So longs my soul, O living God, for Thee; I thirst for Thee, for Thee my heart is yearning; When shall I come Thy gracious face to see? O Lord my God, o’erwhelmed in deep affliction, Far from Thy rest, to Thee I lift my soul; Deep calls to deep and storms of trouble thunder, While o'er my head the waves and billows roll. Thou wilt command Thy servant’s consolation, Thy loving-kindness yet shall cheer my day, And in the night Thy song shall be my comfort; God of my life, to Thee I still will pray. Why, O my soul, art thou cast down within me, Why art thou troubled and oppressed with grief? Hope thou in God, the God of thy salvation, Hope, and thy God will surely send relief.
All You With Heart Confiding—Psalm 125 Text: Psalm 125, Psalter, 1912; Music: Gregory Wilbur, 2017. All who, with heart confiding, depend on God alone, like Zion’s mount abiding, shall not be overthrown. Like Zion’s city, bounded by guarding mountains broad, his people are surrounded forever by their God. No scepter of oppression shall hold unbroken sway, lest unto base transgression the righteous turn away. Your favor be imparted to godly people, Lord; bless all that are pure-hearted, the good with good reward. All those who evil cherish, forsaking truth and right, with wicked ones shall perish; God will their sin requite. From sin your saints defending, their joy, O Lord, increase, with mercy never-ending and everlasting peace.
Thy Works Not Mine Text: Horatius Bonar, 1808-1899; Music: Gregory Wilbur, 2017. Thy works, not mine, O Christ, Speak gladness to this heart; They tell me all is done; They bid my fear depart. To whom, save Thee, who canst alone For sin atone, Lord, shall I flee? Thy wounds, not mine, O Christ, Can heal my bruised soul, Thy stripes not mine, contain The balm to make me whole. To whom, save Thee, who canst alone For sin atone, Lord, shall I flee? Thy cross, not mine, O Christ, Has borne the awful load Of sins that none in Heav’n Or earth could bear but God. To whom, save Thee, who canst alone For sin atone, Lord, shall I flee? Thy death, not mine, O Christ, Has paid the ransom due; Ten thousand deaths like mine Would have been all too few. To whom, save Thee, who canst alone For sin atone, Lord, shall I flee? Thy righteousness, O Christ, Alone can cover me: No righteousness avails Save that which is of Thee. To whom, save Thee, who canst alone For sin atone, Lord, shall I flee?
Franklin Gloria Text: Based on Luke 2:14, etc; Music: Gregory Wilbur, 2012. Glory to God in the highest! Peace to His people on earth. We praise You! We bless You! We adore You! We glorify! We give You thanks for Your glory.


An EP of seven songs that come from leading congregational singing in middle Tennessee.


released May 1, 2020

Piano: Gregory Wilbur
Guitar: Mike Payne
Guitar: Nathan George on Ps 125
Violin & Viola: Henry Haffner
Cello: Jackson Pent
Oboe: David Nichols
Bass: Tom Michael
Percussion: Brent Vargason
Background Vocals: Paige Keiner, Tom Michael, April Galtieri, Nathan George

Graphic Design: Caleb Faires

Recorded at Zodlounge Studio

Produced by Tom Michael & Brett Vargason and Mixed by Tom Michael, Zodlounge music production
Mastered by Sage Audio

Dedicated to the Nathan and Patsy George Family
In addition to years of friendship and collaboration, you opened your home to me last fall and allowed me to work through a stack of songs while you sang, played, commented, and encouraged this process along. It was such a joy to make music together!

The joy for me in sharing this music is that it was born out of relationships in community as songs written for congregational singing at Cornerstone Presbyterian Church in Franklin, TN. In addition, these are melodies that sing of Dave and Vicki Sawyer and their encouragement to me as an artist and friend, of our monthly SNS friends and long talks over food and drink and memes, and of gracious friends (some of whom I’ve never met) whose affirmation by financially supporting this project is appreciated beyond words. One of the blessings of a project like this is the opportunity to work collaboratively with other musicians and friends—special thanks to Tom and Brett who treated this recording as if it were their own and to the amazing singers who gave of their talents (Nathan, April, Kaylin, Marisa, and Neal). To my students at New College Franklin, thank you for your continued interest in the recording and the progress of this work. And, especially to Sophia and Eleanor—my heart and joy!


all rights reserved



Gregory Wilbur Franklin, Tennessee

Gregory Wilbur is the Chief Musician at Cornerstone Presbyterian Church and the Dean of New College Franklin. His first CD of Psalms and Hymns was called My Cry Ascends: New Parish Psalms. As a composer, he has written for choir, orchestra, film and congregational music as well as numerous commissions. He and his wife, Sophia, and daughter, Eleanor, live in Franklin, TN. ... more

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